No one can move honestly forward until they honestly face their past.  If you can't face your past, the future will be a lie. On this page, I've carefully curated content created by writers, photographers and filmmakers who are part of my past. I love some of what I see. I hate some of what I see. But that's life, right? You gotta learn to live with the good and the bad. 

Do you have a favorite article about me? A favorite picture or film? I'd love to hear about it. 

Divine Days

I came across the picture above at a website called If you click on the picture, a link will take you to the site. I have no idea who owns the site, but I like the picture. Buy it if you want to; just know it's not coming from me. 


Does this look like me? I think I know where the artist got the idea. See the picture of me on the home page of this website. They look alike, right?

It comes from a website called Deviant Art. Sounds about right...